Pete Townshend Shecter Guitar Strap

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This guitar strap is a replica of one Pete Townshend used in the late '70's through the mid '80's.  Getting the color and leather weight just right is important to us and we lost our supplier of the exact leather several months ago.  We searched high and low, and finally found exactly the right leather again!  We are creating these again, but give us about a week to ship, as we have a backlog of folks waiting for them!

The strap is created from a strip of thick, high quality leather that has not been backed, as the original was not backed.  This is an exact replica of his guitar strap, cut to 1.75 inches wide, with a 1.5 inch adjustment strip, that Pete wore in the back, but can be worn in the front if you wish. 

We prefer to create these to your custom length, but we will keep a few in stock in our Standard length, which works for most guitarists. To supply your perfect measurement, please measure your current strap from the center of one peg-hole to the center of the other peg-hole and supply that measurement in the custom length field.