Ira Dean Custom Guitar Strap (Trick Pony)

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Trick Pony exploded right out of the starting gate with their highly acclaimed, platinum selling self-titled CD. Mega-hits co-written by Dean like “Pour Me,” and the Grammy nominated “Just What I Do,” established Ira Dean as a new singer-songwriting force and studio musician in country music. The trio won both the American Music Awards’ “Top New Artist” and the Country Music Association’s “Artist of the Year”.  The second CD, On A Mission ,which Ira co-wrote 7 cuts for, including the hit single “ON A MISSION” brought five more Academy of Country Music nominations including “Album of the Year” and “Vocal Group of the Year”. 

Ira Dean is one of the most multi-talented musicians on the planet! Performer, multi-hit songwriter, arranger, composer, lyricist, producer, and he plays something like 12 instruments! He is an ACM and an AMA Award winner, as well as being Grammy nominated and Oscar recognized. The guy is literally a musical genius! To boot, he's just about the nicest guy you can meet!

Ira has just finished recording and producing his new solo CD, along with Joe Scaife , Blake Chancey , and Anthony Smith. The album, titled “It’s About Time”, features the song “Nothing to Do ‘Round Here” as well as 13 other tracks that will leave you wanting more.   Ira made a second album available titled “Beer or Gasoline”, an 11 track burner that includes his past singles “Somethin’ Bout a Sunday” and “Beer or Gasoline”.  Check Ira out at, and check out his new music on iTunes! 

Ira has worn Jeri designs guitar straps since the early years of Trick Pony, and he only wears Jeri's straps to this day!

wears Jeri Hart's straps to this day!