OOAK Lips Distressed Leather Guitar Strap 2.75"

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This is a One of a Kind guitar strap created with a gorgeous piece of thick, supple Vegetable Tanned leather that has been painted black and distressed.  This is the same leather we used for the straps we made for Neil Young, and it's truly sumptuous. 

This strap is cut to 2.75 inches wide and backed with high quality Suede.  We added three Kidskin Stones Lips overlays, which were glued, then meticulously stitched to the strap with fine, clear thread.

We haven't finished off the back portion, so this strap can be made to either our Regular (43 to 51 inches) or our Standard size (46 to 54 inches).  Check As Is for Standard length or Regular in the drop down box.