WWII Bomber Pilot Custom Guitar Strap

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Here's another amazing custom guitar strap for one of our coolest and most creative clients! Rob forces Jeri to do the impossible, time and again, and the results are something never seen before!  This custom guitar strap is a WWII Bomber Plane. The front of the guitar strap is made from gun metal metallic kidskin with images that would be seen on a WWII Fighter Plane.  All of these images are hand cut kidskin overlays that are stitched onto the guitar strap.

The "sections" of the airplane are embellished with "rivets" and the plane has 4 "bullet holes" made of oxidized, tortured hardware.  The back of the strap starts with woven strips of black and white kidskin, above an airbrushed sky.  The bomber plane is dropping atomic bombs, so we have a nice airbrushed explosion!