Raevyn Pink Skulls Custom Guitar Strap

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This was the perfect guitar strap for Daddy's little girl, Raevyn. Dad wanted something hip and cool, but also sweet, which reflected that his daughter was his princess and his angel. We think we got the message across, and ended up with a really sweet strap that will be appropriate for Raevyn for as many years as we made it to last! (Which is a lifetime, by the way!)  We took a blank piece of belt leather, dyed it dark pink, then painted it light pink. The edges were beveled to "frame" the strap, then we added hand cut kidskin overlays, a princess skull and an angel skull, surrounded by hearts with wings, centered with Swarovski Crystals and outlined with silver nailheads. The heart with wings is a symbol we traditionally use to signify children on many of our custom straps.