PS Distressed Black Buckle Guitar Strap OOAK

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This One of a Kind Guitar Strap is created the way they were in the days of Jimi and Jerry.  We used a thick black leather, cut and riveted our way through it.  We like a more finished look than the straps of the '60's and '70's, so we stitched around all the edges to give it a more modern look.  It's a thick, hearty strap, will easily last at least one lifetime, and will mold to the body of the wearer quickly!

This strap is currently cut to our Standard length of 47 to 54 inches.  We can cut this strap down to our Regular length of 43 to 50 inches without changing the look of the strap.  Please choose As Is to keep it at the Standard length of 46 to 54 inches, or Regular if you want it cut down to our 43 to 50 inch length.