Santana Custom Guitar Straps

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This guitar strap has designs made entirely of tiny pieces of kidskin leather, pieced together into "Santana" album cover designs by Michael Rios, securely sewn to a leather strap which we dyed red, hand painted Ombre shades of Black to Blue and Orange to Red.  We beveled the edges to frame the strap with a Red outline.
Although this guitar strap looks like it may be fragile,  it can be rolled up a kazillion times and smashed into a guitar case and still come out looking perfect!
This is a custom guitar strap that we will, and have replicated.  You can see several incarnations of it here. This design is available on a custom basis, we likes to change each one up a bit so they are all one of a kind. The very last photo is the first Santana style strap we ever created, in 2009!