Shinydoll BJD Custom Guitar Strap

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This custom guitar strap belongs to sculptor Shin Doi of Shinydoll fame. Shin is the creator, designer, and sculptor of the Asian Ball Jointed Doll company that creates the worlds most pose-able and beautiful "bjd's".

For this strap, we started with a piece of belt leather that was treated for softness, then dyed red and painted yellow. We beveled the edges of the one piece strap to frame the yellow with red.  Then, we created copies of Shin's sculpts with tiny hand cut pieces of raw Kidskin leather. If you've never seen an Asian Ball Joint Doll, they are sculpted with parts that are meant to allow them to move in extremely, human like, pose-able positions.
We hand-cut each body part, showing the ball joints and adhering as closely as possible to the look and proportion of Shin's "girls" (sculpts).  Each of his sculpts was then airbrushed and shaded with pastels. The eyes are kidskin underlays, and the girls were given 3-dimensional bodies, as much as can be done on a guitar strap! Every part of the strap is leather, including the painstakingly cut hair. The girls were glued down and stitched to the strap along with Shin's logo.

Sadly, we no longer have large photos of this strap, it was so meticulously made, it's a shame that we can't show more detailed photos!