Bandolier Guitar Strap

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Toby Keith owns one of our Bandolier guitar straps.  We've seen him wear it in concert, but haven't received a photo of him with it. Let us know if you have a photo of Toby with his strap!

We create this strap with Black Chap leather or Brown Oil Tanned leather.  It is cut to 3 inches wide and each loop that holds a bullet is stitched individually.  The strap holds actual bullets, we use empty .308 Winchester Brass bullet casings.

This strap is created to order, so please supply your strap length on checkout.  Lay a current strap flat and measure from the center of one peghole to the center of the other peghole.  You will have four inches of adjustability on either side of the measurement you supply.  Please allow us up to two weeks for shipping!