Grandpa Custom Guitar Strap

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This is one of our all time favorite custom guitar straps!  We created it over an EIGHT year span of time!  It was a joy every time it came back into our hands, because that meant that our friend Brian Chesley was blessed with another Grandchild!


The brainchild of Chesley, this strap is embellished with his grandchildren's feet, copied from the actual birth certificate.  We added the intitials, birthdate and birthstone of each beautiful baby born into the Chesley family.  It was a joy to create, and allowed us to be part of the future generations of Chesleys

(all of which we hope will pick up the guitar at some point in their young lives!).

Brian wanted to add the leaves after the 4th Grandbaby, but sometimes, Jeri just knows stuff, and she asked to wait another year to finish it off.  One more little Chesley got his feet on the strap before it was filled with vines...and then, VOILA!  Three years later, we got another Chesley baby!

Congrats Grandpa, and thanks for letting us be a part of this!!!!