Monterey Pop Strat Strap-Limited Edition-Back in Stock!

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In 1967, Jimi Hendrix played a show at the Monterey Pop Music Festival using a red-and-white custom-painted Fender Stratocaster. During his encore, he set the guitar on fire in what would become one of his most iconic moments. In 1997, to celebrate Monterey Pop’s 40th anniversary, the Fender Custom Shop commissioned an artist to hand-paint 210 reproductions of Hendrix’s hearts-and-swirls guitar. The guitar came with a strap and a gig bag.  We've had several request for repairs on the straps over the years, and then started recreating them for the owners.  This strap is an exact replica except for the skinny strip down the back, and our lacings are not enclosed between the front and back of the strap. Most of the repairs we have made are because the strings have broken.  If our strings break (which they won't, for many years anyway), the repair is easy.  The top layer is high quality white suede, cut to 2.5 inches wide. It's backed with a semi-slick  black leather like the original, with turquoise suede lacings.