OOAK Tactical Guitar Strap

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This strap is created from an almost Nubuck, yet almost Oil Tanned leather. It's just a bit sueded like Nubuck, but you can rub scratches out with a fingertip, like Oil Tanned.  It's an awesome piece of leather, so we wanted to highlight the texture and add even more!  The strap is cut to 3 inches wide, and we added small Blackened Nickel buckles for some cool design elements.  It looks like Tactical gear to us, so that's what we're calling it!

It is our Standard length (46 to 53 inches) or can be cut to our Regular length (43 to 51 inches), which is why there are no adjustment holes punched yet!  Just choose Standard or Regular from the drop down box, we'll finish it off to your length and have it on its way!  If you don't choose either, it will be sent at our Standard length.