Randy Rhoads "Hexagon" Replica Guitar Strap

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Our Randy Rhoads Hexagon guitar strap is absolutely gorgeous and created with the same hardware as Randy's was. We actually use Vintage hardware that were manufactured during the time that Randy's strap was created, so the hardware is literally the same as Randy's. We start with belt leather that we soften and paint, then hand place Brass hexagon spots and Copper round spots to replicate Randy Rhoads "Hexagon" guitar strap.  We back the strap with black suede and sew around the edges, then add our signature brass adjustment buckle.  

This strap is extremely labor intensive to create, every hexagon and spot needs two hand punched holes in perfect precision, and each piece of hardware must be placed side by side, one at a time. Only Jeri is crazy enough to go through the labor on this one, so give her a few weeks to create yours.  Placing hardware like this causes your fingers to crack and split, so she can only work on one for a couple of hours at a time.  This strap is created to last at least one lifetime, and it truly is a work of art!